Friday, September 28, 2012

Irish Children the most exposed to fluoride in EU study

As a chartered environmental scientist I am ethically responsible for sharing information on the health risks of toxins in our drinking water as soon as I become aware of concerns to protect the most vulnerable members of society. I am appealing directly to the decision-makers to act quickly to protect the unborn, formula-fed newborn and young children (as well as the wider public) from silicofluoride contaminants in our drinking water.

I have just become aware of a recent EU study funded under the FLINT Project examining the fluoride levels in children’s urine. Ireland participated in the study and children in Cork City were tested for both fluoride levels in urine and incidence of dental fluorosis, which is a biomarker for chronic overexposure to fluoride.

Compared to all other European communities children tested in Cork City, which is representative of the wider population in Ireland, had the highest level of fluoride in their urine.

The study also found that infant children under one who drink less than 500mls of fluoridated tap water a day constituted in formula milk or drinking water on its own were in the highest risk category for developing fluorosis which is a biomarker for chronic overexposure to fluoride in their diet.

Astonishingly, the study compared dental fluorosis levels in both fluoridated and none fluoridated communities in Ireland and found that for children up to age 8 in fluoridated areas up to 24% had abnormal teeth due to exposure to fluoride.

For children up to age 12, 37% had abnormal teeth due to fluoride overexposure. In non fluoridated communities for children up to age 8 < 10% had abnormal teeth and for children up to age 12 approximately 17% had abnormal teeth. Incredibly the study found that the level of dental fluorosis was 100% higher in fluoridated areas compared to non-fluoridated communities.

Not surprisingly the EU study also found that Ireland had the highest level of dental fluorosis amongst children and teenagers.

What is even more alarming is that most of the fluoride consumed remained in the children bodies, where it is bound to calcified tissue, bone and organs such as the pineal gland.

As a parent I want to give my child the best start possible in life and am extremely concerned that infants in Ireland are exposed to the risk of fluoride overexposure due to water fluoridation with a dangerous synthetic silicofluoride chemicals that has been scientifically linked to increasing the bioavailability of other toxins such as lead or aluminium that may result in long term health and neurological impacts.

The fact that Irish children are the most fluoridated in the EU is deeply disturbing and since the HSE have never examined the long term health impacts of this policy on consumers in Ireland, we can only learn from experiences elsewhere. This is even more alarming when neither the HSE nor the manufacturer of hexafluorosilicic acid (the chemical used for water fluoridation) have never undertaken detailed toxicological testing of the chemical to examine its human health or ecological toxicity.

The European Parliament wrote to me this week outlining that it is up to individual member EU states to determine the risk management criteria for reducing the risk of overexposure of sensitive sectors of society to the harmful effects of fluoride, and noted that given the EU have no policy on water fluoridation and that all other EU countries have either discontinued the policy or never support it to begin, it is primarily a matter for the Irish Government. For EU countries that did once practice artificial water fluoridation independent reviews by Governments, including and environmental and health authorities advised that they should comply with the precautionary principle and terminate the policy to protect the public health.

Why do different standards of risk management exist in every other EU country compared to Ireland? especially when scientific studies have shown that fluoride is a neurotoxin and may cause cancer or promote cancer, and why, when the state is trying to save money and is cutting budgets for health care services, are we continuing to pay for dangerous chemicals being added to our water that are poisoning our population.


  1. It is beggars belief Declan why the Irish Government insist on poisoning it's population. I look back and think how lucky my children were that I breast fed them & then how unlucky that they drank tap water & brushed their teeth with toothpaste that contained Fluoride too!
    What health legacy have I left my children with?!?

  2. I also breastfed my daughter for her first 18 months. We moved back to Ireland in 2007. She is the only child in her class at school to lose her first tooth at seven and a half. I believe that her first two years in the UK, being breastfed, mean she is likely to have better bones and teeth and a higher IQ than children raised in Ireland, especially if they are formula- fed with Fluoride-contaminated water.

    1. The water in Britain is fluoridated. Don't take my word for it. Research it.

  3. You mention fluoridated and none fluoridated communities in Ireland. Is it possible to find out which communities are fluoridated and which aren't?